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If you have been looking for the eighth wonder of the world, then congratulations you have reached your destination.
Rachael Belcher is an absolute phenomena, delivering astounding ,honest on point accuracy ,every time!
There is just something about a reading with Rachael that leaves you feeling somehow lighter, like a feeling of warmth has taken over your being.
I have had many readings with Rachael ,as well as Emotional Release Therapy, each time she has left me blown away with her sheer accuracy,dates,times etc
Rachael was even able to alert me to a medical condition that my drs missed & as a result of that my health has improved 10 fold i am feeling the best i have felt in years & i just cant thank her enough.
I would highly recommend a reading with Rachael. I would go as far as to say, its an experience in life,  NOT TO BE MISSED!!!
So if you have been searching for true & honest insight you cant go wrong she is a rare gem
                                                                                             Carly Jacobsen


Before I made my appointment with Rachael, I had read all her testimonials.  
Now that I have had my reading by Rachael I have to say her testimonials does not do her justice.  I was given a wonderful gift by Rachael at my reading and she has given me hope when I had very little to be hopeful about.  Rachael gave detailed information about my past and what will be coming up in the future.  
Rachael has a real gift and I feel very lucky to have found her.  I am sure I will be seeing her again for another reading (and that was not in my reading). 
Susan March 2014

An excellent reading with a gorgeous person. Highly recommended. TY Rachael x Buyer: ellamar2  
 always accurate recurring customer Buyer: Member id dukeyboy88    
Great A+++ spot with everything without me saying anything ;) thanks heaps Buyer: Member id nissil07   
lovely reader AAAAA+++++++++Buyer: Member id classic4265  
U r AMAZING!! Spot on with everything without me having to say a thing!! TY xoxoBuyer: Member id clkta2502  
You are the bestest !  Member id sookyface  

  Great and thank you Member id pinklady5707   
 Wonderful and insightful.Buyer: Member id sookyface  
Very accurate, spot on with some of the things she saw, would def use again.Buyer: Member id vmc513  
Accurate and detailed, thankyou so much :)
Such a great reading. This is a keeper Psychic. Will be backBuyer: Member id lad2727  03-Aug-11 
Beautiful lady. Extremely accurate and caring. Looking forward to the changesBuyer: Member id roslengay  
thankyou again for an accurate reading will be backBuyer: Member id triballady0 
Excellent, thank you!Buyer: Member id jaguarrrr  
You're the best Rach!Buyer: Member id sookyface  
 30!!!!AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much. Highly recommended...AAAAA+++++++++ 

great as eva always gets to the bottom of a situation,,recurring client accuracy

Racheal is very good at what she does always spot on with me a returning customer,,very accurate, the best very honest.Thankyou so much, im glad i have your guidance
Tracey .P.   

Dear Rachael
Thank you so much for the reading, god really blessed us when we found you. My mood has lifted as far as the heavens and my tiredness has all gone, You helped to heal me today and for that i will be forever grateful. You truly are a blessed lady and i will be keeping you in my prayers and thanking god for our chance meeting. I will be in contact soon. Much love and light to you from both Anthony and myself.
Helen .C.  

Dear Rachael,
Just wanted to thank you very much for reading today.  You have helped me to regain some focus and clarity and I can not thank you enough for that.  I sincerely wish you the best and much Love and Light.  
Best Regards,
Teena .M.  

Absolutely fantastic ,it was like Rachael was reading my mind, she told me secrets i hadn't told anyone, she told me things that were so spot on.
Definately worth having a reading
Angela Andrew 

A reading with Rachael will not leave you dissappointed. Always honest, precise and compassionate. 
Leanne Redmayne 

I have been using Rachael's psychic services for around 4 years. I have found Rachael's readings to be accurate and very detailed. I have found her manner to be very professional and honest. Rachael's predictions and guidance have assisted me with decision making. I would highly recommend a reading by Rachael.
 I found Rachael to be very accurate, she also was a very friendly and warm person to talk to. Because of her I took a chance on something and it is going really well,just like she predicted. Rachael also noted many things that nobody knew ,except for me. I would recommend Rachael to anybody that would like a detailed,accurate and honest reading. 
Claudia .S.

wonderful, very accurate Buyer:apurpleheart  
thank you lovely reading  Buyer: kwuby  
 Wonderful and insightful reading  .mookame0  
Lovely lady. Very happy with reading .Thank you! Highly recommended AAAAAA++++++aussiejewels  
Thank You So Much Very Talented. Wonderfull Experience. Professionaly Aclaimed Buyer: cyrstal71  
Best psychic! World Class! 100% accurate & true Highly recommend DON'T MISS! Buyer: howdyallshoppers  
An absolute pleasure to have this reading,detail&accuracyA1.Thankyou so much :) Buyer: ellamar2 
A pleasure to talk to! Scarily insightful so a true experience! Do not doubt! Buyer: the_ewoks_boss  
Excellent reading and very thorough... THANKYOU! Buyer: danielle
This lady is the real deal you have to have a reading with her outstanding Buyer: hum
most excellent psychic ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Buyer: humbug6681  
THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!! A MILLION STARS... Buyer: pokercasinogirl J
Wonderful Lady 2 Deal With,Very Happy With The Reading & Will Be Back 4 Another Buyer: cabs
great ,,a lovely lady ,very accurate and caring,puts a lot into her readings Buyer: jp7250 
An absolute pleasure to have this reading,detail&accuracyA1.Thankyou so much :) Buyer: ellamar2   
I am very impressed. Will call again - DEFINITELY! Buyer: cande91357  
excellent reading. Buyer: emmaville1927 
Highly recommend. Such a talented and gifted person. A+++ Buyer: luke.6891   
Spot on with predictions,you are a gem and have helped me in so many ways Buyer: evaangel8  
lovely friendly down to earth lady - was very helpful and would recommended! :-> Buyer: tanja_vanilla  
Excellent reading genuine and gifted psychic.Don't miss getting a reading done Buyer: marie0430_0 (private)   
Excellent reading. Best on ebay, geuine and gifted psychic. A+++++++++++++ Buyer: leanne9018  
very accurate reading, positive and uplifting, will be back for another Buyer: jessandwally  
great service Buyer: darrendazz
very accurate,told me everything,will use her again a+++ Buyer: gazzy120357  
fantastic reading highly recommended Buyer: kristycollins8    
Best reading!!! Genuine, accurate psychic. Thankyou!! A+++++ Buyer: leanne9018 
Lovely lady & great reading.Hit the nail on the head quite a few times.Recommend Buyer: rockstar_supernova  
Gorgeous Lady Highly recommended (*_*) Buyer: belle2217 
Lovely Reading !!! Thank You !!! Buyer: vmaks57  
Amazingly insightful. Brilliant reading, spot on with everything. Buyer: bear639   
Exactly what I wanted.A+++++ Buyer: jp7250   
Answered more things than I ever expected. Best experience.Thank you Rachael. A+
excellent in everyway thank you, would reommend  
great ,,a lovely lady ,very accurate and caring,puts a lot into her readings Buyer: jp7250
excellent in everyway thank you, would recermend Buyer: thrall_for_hair_extensions  
FantasticReading have recommended her to all those close to me. A+ Thank you Buyer: cjays6977 
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