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Cancellation Policy
Please note we need at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel your appointment with Rachael.
If you cancel your appointment prior to 24 hours before your appointment, you will be offered a full refund, less any transaction fees incurred by Rachael.

If you cancel your appointment within 24 hours of your appointment, but prior to 2 hours before your appointment you will be offered a 50% refund.   

If you cancel within 2 hours of your appointment or miss your appointment, then we will retain the full Fee for your scheduled appointment. 

For cancellations, please telephone Rachael on 0438 025 880 or email her at
RACHAEL BELCHER - Booking Terms and Conditions
You acknowledge that by making a booking to see Rachael Belcher (ABN: 91 272 059   923) (“Rachael”) on this website you are entering an agreement with Rachael on the following Booking Terms and Conditions.

                 15  min  6 min free
!                30 min 15 min free
                 45 min 20 min free 
                 60 min 30 min free
                 and 90 min 15 min free readings!!!!!
                 I will tune into your energy, prior to your appointment time 
                 and start to write down what is coming through with each reading.
                 This is an extra 30 min for free.

1.               Fee and Payment
1.1             When making a booking, you will be required to choose the type and length                       of the psychic reading you require with Rachael and pay the appropriate Fee                     in full via Paypal or internet banking which is set out in the reading prices                           online booking form [] on
                  Rachael’s website  (the “Fee”).
1.2            If you choose to pay for your psychic reading via internet banking, you must                      contact Rachael via telephone to obtain relevant internet banking details.
1.3            Payment of the full Fee will be required at the close of business, on the date                      two days before your scheduled appointment with Rachael.
1.4            If you require an urgent reading, you may pay via Paypal at the time of your                      scheduled appointment with Rachael.  Internet banking transfers will not be                      accepted for urgent readings.
1.5            The Fee (or any part of it) is non-refundable (including after your reading                            takes place) except in accordance with the Cancellation Policy (set out                              above).
1.6            You agree that any payment made via Paypal shall be made in accordance                        with the Paypal Terms and Conditions.

2.              Location and Timing
2.1            In order to participate in your psychic reading, you agree to attend your                              appointment at the time and location chosen by you when making your                              booking.  If you choose for telephone reading, you agree to provide Rachael                      with your telephone number.  Please be careful and take note of your                                booking time and location – incorrect scheduled bookings shall be treated as                    missed appointments in accordance with the Cancellation Policy above.

2.2            Please note that due to privacy reasons a specific address for the                                      appointment will only be sent to you upon our receipt of the Fee.

1.              Rescheduled Bookings
1.1            We will use reasonable endeavors to accommodate any requested changes                      to appointment times received before 24 hours prior to your appointment.                          We reserve the right to deem booking changes made within the 24 hours                          prior to the appointment as a cancellation in accordance with the                                        Cancellation Policy above.
1.2            You accept that we may be required to reschedule appointments with                                 Rachael in the event that Rachael is rendered unavailable due to                                        circumstances beyond Rachael’s control (e.g. sickness, acts of God and other                   force majeure events) and you agree to discuss in good faith the                                         rescheduling of any appointment as a result of us requiring to amend a                               booking for any reason.
2.               Termination by Rachael

2.1             You agree that Rachael is entitled to cancel or terminate a reading at any                            time (including at any time during a reading) for any or no reason.  If Rachael                    notifies you of a termination of a reading due to circumstances beyond your                      control, then you must immediately comply with Rachael’s directions and we                      shall refund any part of the Fee actually paid to us by you (provided you are                      not in breach of these Booking Terms and Conditions).
3.                Participating in Psychic Readings
3.1              You understand that participating in a psychic reading can be (and often is)                        an emotional and potentially confronting experience.
3.2              You acknowledge that you are choosing to have a psychic reading and that                        the reading will be given to you in good faith to provide you with insight and                        guidance of thought – it is subject to your own personal interpretation and is                      not intended to constitute medical, psychological, legal, financial, relationship,                    personal or professional advice.
3.3             You acknowledge that insights, guidance and psychic reading experiences                        may vary from person-to-person and reading-to-reading, so whilst Rachael                         uses her best endeavors to utilise the full potential of her gift and ability when                  engaging in a psychic reading, you acknowledge that due to the nature of                           such readings Rachael cannot (and does not) guarantee the accuracy,                               completeness or applicability of Rachael’s reading. 
3.4            You agree to act respectfully and in good faith in connection with each                                 reading and agree not to deliberately mislead or lie to Rachel or otherwise                         disrupt any reading.
3.5            You must not record, film or otherwise capture any reading under any                                 circumstances, and you acknowledge that the use of recording and other                           electronic devices can affect and interfere with readings.
3.6            You agree that prior to participating in a reading with Rachael you will sign                         and provide to Rachael a Psychic Reading Release (available at the linked                       page).
4.              Minors

4.1            You acknowledge that if you are under the age of 18, you will only be                                   permitted to have a face-to-face appointment.  You agree to have a guardian                     present with you during your appointment.  If you attend without a guardian                       present, then you shall be deemed to have missed the appointment in                               accordance with the Cancellation Policy above.

1.              No Responsibility for Your Actions
1.1            Rachael takes no responsibility (and shall not be liable) for any decisions you                     make or actions you take as a result of your psychic reading and (to the                             extent permitted by law) you release Rachel from any and all liability that may                   arise in connection with your participation in your reading.
1.2             You acknowledge that Rachael will not provide recommendations, give you                        directions or advise you on decisions to be made (or actions to be taken) by                      you and you agree that any personal insights or opinions communicated to                        you by Rachael will not be relied on by you.

2.              Confidentiality
2.1            You and Rachael agree that your psychic reading is confidential and will be                         treated as such by you and Rachael.

2.2            You agree that you will not make any public comment or comment on any                           social media platform (or otherwise) that may disparage, defame or                                   negatively affect Rachael or Rachael’s reputation.
3.               Questions or Comments
If you have any questions or comments for Rachael in relation to these Booking Terms and Conditions, please feel free to contact her at

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