Psychic/Medium Rachael Belcher - TASMANIA

        Quantum Healing Packages

Please Contact Rachael for a 15 minute complimentary consultation.

Rachael can assess your healing requirements & for the package that is perfect for you.

You also have the option to purchase a one off healing sessions.

Healing Packages 

3 healing sessions: $600.00

6 healing sessions: $1,100.00

1 healing session:   $200.00

Healings can take up to an hour and a half each session.

Stillness and sitting or laying down somewhere comfortable is required.

No distractions for maximum effectiveness and deep healing to occur.

Your healing can be conducted remotely or in person. 

Bookings / payment can be made on my prices page.

Please book 2x 1 hour time slots !!! 


Phone: 0438025880