Psychic/Medium Rachael Belcher - TASMANIA

About Rachael
Rachael was born with  her psychic / medium abilities .
She has continued to sense, feel and communicate with spirits for 48 years .

Visualization was apart of normal play, with her favourite TV show being 'I DREAM OF JEANIE' as it idolized believing in magic, healing and the power of thought.

Rachael could feel peoples energy around her and instantly receive messages  with great accuracy.

A lot of Rachael's childhood was spent with her Grandparents near the ocean at Primrose Sands in Hobart, Tasmania, keeping Rachael connected to mother earth.

Seeing signs in nature, the sync and balance of the universe, discovering the healing properties mother earth has to offer
 and the freedom to be expressive without judgment.

At the age of 30, Rachael had an amazing spiritual
experience on the Easter Sunday of March 2001. From that day Rachael's spiritual growth took on a whole new meaning.

This life changing experience, accelerated advanced
psychic powers, enlightenment and cosmic consciousness.

Rachael has inspired many people to discover there hidden talents and overcome blockages from past lifetimes, genealogy and conditioning from many generations in the past. 

Rachael uses her gifts to enlighten and heal others.


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