Psychic / Medium  Rachael Belcher - TASMANIA
Psychic / Awakened Children
In the age of Aquarius children are more aware in consciousness and spirit,picking up on many different energies around them.They know and explain things that are NOT of a child's nature. Sometimes their behaviour can be irrational and reactive.

These Psychic & Awakened Children also known as the indigo children have difficulty with having their soul trapped in a human body, here on Earth. They are the gifted ONES. They are the AWAKENED CHILDREN.
These children utilize more of their right brain and super subconscious or Higher SELF. They work with the full intensity of emotions and intuition. They are connected to insight and mystical ancient knowledge.
Sometimes they are misunderstood by outdated thinking and teachings,then labelled with ‘behaviour’, ‘learning’ problems and can often be diagnosed as a disorder and given unnecessary medication.
There are four distinct personalities: The Aqua child, The Crystal child, The Rainbow Child and Star child. They each have personality type and characteristic body shapes and suffer different ailments according to their personality types. Their learning styles differ as well as their cognitive process. 
These psychic and awakened children are talented and gifted.Having an inner knowing and intuitive ability.
They connect with people, places and things that are paranormal  and have a full understanding of quantum physics, and the Universal Laws. The suppression of who they are creates a sense of disconnection with the physical body causing huge fear within them as they are aware of being different. This then triggers behavioural issues and health problems. When dealing with these awakened & psychic souls, it is imperative to consider all aspects of their care including the physical body, mental, emotional, chemical and spiritual. The emotional aspect requires nurturing to enhance the child’s development and keep them in a place of harmony and peace.
The Indigo Children have a warrior nature, a ‘rebel with a cause’ personality with absolutely no guilt. They are often labelled as hyperactive or aggressive, but this is their purpose. They are here to break down old and outmoded systems – legal, educational, medical, you name it, these kids are here to force honesty and integrity on a global level. Telepathy and other psychic abilities are rife among the Indigo’s, which is leading us into a telepathic society. A society that must be based on the ‘indigo’ principles for it to function. Telepathy cannot work if dishonesty and deceit are present. We must remember that Indigo’s have been coming in for about 25 years now, so it won’t be long before they get into positions of power to enable the changes they are destined for. They are natural leaders, hacking away the old and leaving an open path for the new children. 
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